What's The Beef?

How do you like your burger grilled? Some enjoy a charred patty with blue cheese crumbles that beautifully mingle with the smoky taste; many prefer a juicy chunk of ground beef expertly heated until only the most subtle hint of pink remains in their first bite; and still others crave a burger bloody and yielding, thus the intricate flavors of beef can reveal themselves in full. Regardless of how you like your burger, it is undeniable that the cullinary medium of a hanburger towers above the simplicity of an average sandwich.

If you live within the area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, then you have likely noticed a new chain of burger resteraunts popping up in a few places. This new franchise is Resident Beef, and it already has it's own distinct mascot named Celia the Cow. Apparently they chose this mascot because they use a meat substitute that tastes "just like beef," which comes from an obscure supplier known as Celia Farms, and most early customers and reviewers have given it the thumbs up. This sounds like a dream, doesn't it? A burger that perfectly matches the flavor and texture of an actual cow without the pollutants and cruelty that accompanies the real deal. This might be the case, were there not so many things off about our new friends.

(You can print the head and body.)